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        Welcome To Anhui Anxin electronic Technology Co., Ltd.!
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        Anhui Anxin electronic Technology Co., Ltd.




        Address: Chevalier Electronic Information Industrial Park,Economic and Technological Development Zone,Chizhou,China(Take the 20 bus to the Chevalier industrial park site to see "Anxin electronic")

        Company News

        An electronics won the outstanding award of China's innovation and entrepreneurship finals


        December 26th, the 3 anniversary celebration of the core electronics in the Country Garden Phoenix Hotel held a grand

        Chizhou Hang Technology Development Co., Ltd. Wang Liangmei, chairman of the speech, announced the official start of the ceremony

        Awarded the "2015 outstanding employees, outstanding managers" title

        The scene sent a huge prize

        Sketch -- "the contract"

        Dance: "King told me to" Xunshan

        Dance - "hope you so long"

        I wish the safe core electronics, Hang Seng science and technology - "tomorrow will be better"