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        Address: Chevalier Electronic Information Industrial Park,Economic and Technological Development Zone,Chizhou,China(Take the 20 bus to the Chevalier industrial park site to see "Anxin electronic")

        Company News

        The foundation stone laying ceremony for the two phase of the electronic core electronic


        On the morning of 16 January 2016, located west of the road of Chizhou economic and Technological Development Zone, animal husbandry, Phoenix Road to the south of Anhui core safety electronic technology Co., Ltd. phase II project site poll assemble is dynamic, the ball flying, joy bursts, everywhere permeated with a festive atmosphere, our second phase project foundation stone laying ceremony here is held ceremoniously.

        Wang Liangmei City Economic and Technological Development Zone Party committee secretary, the CMC director Cheng Guoqing and development zone the Bureau Commission related to the leadership, and Anhui core of Electronic Science and Technology Co., Ltd. chairman and general manager Wang Liangen attended the ceremony and project construction earth foundation.

        Foundation stone laying ceremony, Wang Liangen, general manager of the first representative of the company to the leaders and guests in his busy schedule to participate in the ceremony to participate in the ceremony expressed heartfelt thanks! And introduces the general situation of the two phase project of the electronic core. He said that the foundation of the second phase of the project will become the milestone of the development of the company, the project covers an area of 68 acres, with a total construction area of 72530 square meters, including R & D building 4427 meters, plant production of 48000 square meters, 8950 square meters dormitory, canteen, staff activity center of 3000 square meters, the term projects with a total investment of 7.5 billion yuan. Will build three major projects, are an annual output of 200 million pieces of high reliability automotive electronic chip project; construction of an integrated circuit design center; construction of a 8 inch wafer manufacturing factory, after the completion of the project up to effect, will achieve annual sales of 18 billion yuan, a pre tax profit of 360 million yuan.

        Development Zone Party committee secretary and CMC director Cheng Guoqing on behalf of the higher-level departments address to the foundation laying ceremony held, I would like to extend warm congratulations on the and said to fully support, with a good project construction, create a favorable environment for the construction, full attention to support enterprise development, I wish the project put into operation as soon as possible, as early as a benefit.

        Subsequently, the construction side made a statement on behalf of the statement.

        When Chairman Wang Liangmei announced at the beginning of the foundation, salute, fireworks suddenly resounded through the sky, colorful flowers flying. The development of leading a line with the chairman and general manager under the shovel shovel for engineering foundation.

        Foundation laying ceremony was a complete success!