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    Address: Chevalier Electronic Information Industrial Park,Economic and Technological Development Zone,Chizhou,China(Take the 20 bus to the Chevalier industrial park site to see "Anxin electronic")

    Company News

    Development Zone Union leaders condolences to the difficulties of workers


    January 28th afternoon, the Chizhou Economic Development Zone union chairman Yang Qunying came to our company to visit the difficulties of sympathy for them to send care and greetings.

    President Yang has sent a message to our company for 6 difficult employees, and brought them to the relief funds, so that the difficulties of workers to feel the warmth of the union family. Condolences, the young master asked about the difficulties of the staff, the difficult, the hope and the current living conditions. Hope that they will be strong on the ground for life, take good care of their body, and encourage them to build confidence, strong in the face of difficulties. At the same time, I wish them a happy and peaceful Spring Festival. (Management Department)