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        Address: Chevalier Electronic Information Industrial Park,Economic and Technological Development Zone,Chizhou,China(Take the 20 bus to the Chevalier industrial park site to see "Anxin electronic")

        Company News

        The company's employees to participate in activities of snow


        January 31, coincides with the weekend, 2016 second snow Ruqierzhi, snow all over the sky to fly violently, like the dance of the elves, the whole earth Takamatsu, especially enchanting. After the heavy snow, the company's door, inside and outside the main roads are covered with a thick layer of snow, dressed in costumes for the plant at the same time, but also for the company's employees and visitors to travel to bring a lot of inconvenience. February 1st Monday to work, the company special organization of various departments and timely management of personnel to clear the snow, the main road of the Surety Company.

        After receiving the notice, employees are not afraid of cold, have picked up a shovel and a broom and a little by little the snow cleaning shovel and piling up. The snow in the process, we work together, with the tacit understanding race each other. Shovel shovel, push push, sweep sweep, dry in full swing, joy, busy figure constitute the beautiful scenery. Although the outdoor temperature is very low, but the enthusiasm of the labor and the unity of the strength of this winter to become particularly warm.

        After more than an hour of fighting, we finally the company's main entrance, the main road and other places of snow all eradicated, for the company staff and visitors to open up a way of warmth. Although everyone's clothes and shoes are wet, but also out of the body sweat, before looking at the results, everyone has the sense of achievement, each person's face are filled with a knowing smile.

        Company employees to participate in the snow appears to be just a small event, but can reflect a company spirit and team cohesion. It also fully reflects the company's good sense of collective responsibility and teamwork spirit. (Management Department)